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We are LGeo

As a team of highly passionate and motivated “specialized generalists”, we are excited to take on any project! Since we are small and dynamic, we are creative, innovative and responsive to client requests. We cultivate a flexible workspace where safety, enjoyment, and authentic self-expression are central. Our objective is to ensure every individual feels valued, respected, and is encouraged to contribute their unique ideas and talents.

Aaron Licker - Principal

Jamie Blackley - Climate Science & Remote Sensing Technical Lead

Afie Ebrahimi - Urban & Regional Planning Sector Lead

Himalya Bachwani - Junior Data Scientist

Eve Mathew - Junior Data Scientist

Russell Prentice - Urban & Regional Planning Technical Lead

Renee Proulx - Senior Consultant

Camile Gay - GIS Analyst & Remote Sensing Specialist

Beatriz Fantini - Junior GIS Analyst

Tarek Koudmani - Junior GIS Analyst

Kristi Silk - Director of Operations & Senior GIS Analyst

Gaby Baasch - Energy & Emissions Sector Lead

Jocelyn Lougheed - Junior GIS Analyst

Edward Le - Junior Data Scientist / Emissions Analyst

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