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Jamie Blackley

Climate Science & Remote
Sensing Technical Lead


About Jamie

Jamie Blackley is a graduate of the GIS and Remote Sensing MSc from the University of Edinburgh with academic and professional experience in ESRI and open source environments for spatial analysis, data management, and data visualization projects. Jamie’s academic career has focused on research and geospatial applications for environmental modelling and monitoring for informed decision-making and sustainable development.

Jamie is skilled in R and other programming languages, with proven experience in scripting for the management and manipulation of large datasets, conducting spatial analyses on a range of data types, and developing and hosting web maps for client use. Jamie has over three years of experience using ESRI products for analysis and visualization, namely ArcGIS v. 10.5, ArcGIS Pro, Arc Online and Catalogue. He is experienced with Amazon Web Services and PostgreSQL for hosting and database management services.

Coupled with his technical background, Jamie is also experienced in art and design, and has developed client ideas into professional, high-quality pieces for presentation and continued functionality. Jamie is eager to continue his career in GIS with a focus for high-quality and functionality output. 

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