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Work at LGeo


LGeo is always on the lookout for awesome people to join our team! As a key member of a small team, you will have the opportunity to work on challenging projects, collaborate with talented professionals, and make a meaningful impact in the communities we serve.

What we look for


We provide solutions and insight for an incredible array of clients. As such, a healthy desire to acquire domain expertise beyond the immediate technical task is welcome and encouraged.


We also stand behind the work we deliver - knowing that clients will use our work to make critical decisions. We look for people who stand behind their word and the work they produce.


Nearly all projects we deliver require some measure of problem solving. Crucially we are looking for individuals who are able to research, develop and test alternate approaches to complex problems, typically under a deadline.


Data is cool! We all enjoy working developing insights into the processes that underpin our society. We are passionate about our work and producing fantastic results. We are looking for individuals with similar attitudes.


Critical thinking is essential to our success. The ability to analyze complex information and make informed decisions is crucial in delivering effective solutions to our clients.

Critical Thinking

All the projects that we work on are technical, so your technical capacity is essential. We primarily use GIS, Python and Excel, but other skills and programming languages (Javascript!) are also highly valued.

Technical Prowess

The ideal candidate will possess strong technical, problem solving and communication skills, and have a demonstrated ability to leverage cutting-edge tools and technologies to deliver innovative solutions.  If you are passionate about driving change with spatial data, and you possess a strong commitment to excellence, we encourage you to apply today! If you don’t see yourself in the jobs below, or nothing is posted right now, but think you still would be an excellent fit for our team, let us know! We are always flexible in our hiring for great people.

Current Positions

LGeo is growing again! We have a need for a land use modeler.  This niche/unicorn role requires a consultant with relevant background and experience in urban planning with strong GIS skills and knowledge of planning-related data.  Ideally the successful candidate has between 1-5 years of relevant experience.  To that end, the candidate must have demonstrated experience working with (or ideally, developing) python-based GIS models relating to urban planning.


Specific skills / expertise / experience we are looking for:

  • Understanding of urban land use planning in British Columbia 

  • Working experience with development permit data, land use regulations, zoning regulations, BC Assessment data, housing needs assessments and/or population and employment forecasts. 

  • A background in land use planning, land economics or development planning is preferred but not necessary

  • GIS and more importantly, python skills are required for this position. Demonstrated coding experience and knowledge of land use modeling - specifically: abstraction of planning processes and systems into cohesive and effective models to deliver insight for urban planning professionals is greatly preferred.


At LGeo we offer an employee-owned, flexible and inclusive work environment with generous pay and good benefits. We work in a dynamic practice area (applications of geospatial data to urban planning) that is constantly evolving being driven both by local and senior government policy as well as shifting data contexts. Our team is thus creative, collaborative, and always seeking to innovate as we navigate new challenges in deadline-driven work! If you enjoy collaborative, in-person working environments working on multiple related projects then this is the job for you.


Salary 75k-100k

with LGeo for all your Geospatial needs!

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