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Afie Ebrahimi

Urban & Regional Planning
Sector Lead


About Afie

Afie Ebrahimi is a UBC and BCIT GIS Program graduate. Her experience is widely varied, ranging in social services, non-profits, municipalities and remote sensing. Holding a BA in Human Geography from UBC, Afie complements her technical background with a strong theoretical base in urban studies. She enjoys critically analyzing problems and producing creative results that best suit stakeholders. Afie brings a passion for equity, sustainability, and on-the-ground impacts of urban geographies to her work.
At LGeo, Afie enjoys working on regional and urban land use planning projects. She has experience in both rural and urban settings, and finds a particular thrill in being a do-all problem solver. She looks forward to collaborating with clients to provide innovative GIS solutions.

Afie's CV can be located here

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