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Camille Gay

GIS Analyst &
Remote Sensing Specialist


About Camille 

Camille had been working in the field of GIS for three years, where she has fostered a passion for analyzing community and environmental health. Camille graduated with a Masters of Geomatics for Environmental Management in the faculty of Forestry and a Bachelor of Arts in Geography, both from the University of British Columbia. For her master’s thesis, Camille studied the relationship between urban forest composition and socioeconomic factors in Maple Ridge, Canada. After graduating, Camille spent 1.5 years working with LiDAR and photogrammetry data to derive high resolution, digital elevation models, forest tree inventories and multispectral data outputs. In addition, Camille’s past work experience includes facilitating customer training on UAV LiDAR and providing technical support. These skills and experiences allow Camille to conduct detailed GIS analysis and communicate effectively with clients in various industries.

Camille's CV can be located here

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