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Himalya Bachwani

Data Scientist


About Himalya

Himalya Bachwani is a highly motivated Data Scientist who possesses a profound passion for implementing data science in practical and actionable settings. Following three years of building a sturdy professional expertise in the fintech domain in India, he opted to pursue an MSc in Big Data from SFU to enhance his breadth of knowledge in machine learning. He has demonstrated his expertise in scripting for automating and handling extensive datasets, ensuring scalability, as well as developing insightful dashboards and reports for stakeholders.
Himalya commenced his co-op work term with LGeo in May 2022 and is now working full-time, where he has garnered a diverse range of experiences utilizing his adept data analytic and programming skills to optimize spatial projects. He possesses a robust ability to critically analyze problems, identify, evaluate, and propose effective solutions, make informed decisions, and implement innovative approaches. His track record attests to his proficiency in developing creative solutions to complex challenges.

Himalya's resume can be found here.

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