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Urban & Regional Planning
Technical Lead


About Russell

Russell Prentice is a graduate from the BCIT Advanced Diploma in GIS Program, complimenting his BSc. Geoscience degree from UBC. During his  career at LGeo, he has undertaken GIS projects in a variety of fields and disciplines, including work with local, provincial and regional government, non-profit organizations and First Nations. A particular area of focus for Russell has been the creation of housing capacity models and tools which aid municipalities in a variety of ways. Examples of this include aiding in the creation of a new official community plan, understanding the effect of different policies on sewer and water infrastructure or helping to create more walkable cities by focusing housing growth in areas with high access to parks, amenities and public transit. 

Furthermore, Russell has a strong working knowledge of Python that allows him to automate workflows and perform complex geospatial analyses. He has successfully used these skills to implement solutions using both open source libraries and Arcpy. These include developing build out models for estimating carbon emission reductions and writing a script to order millions of unstructured GPS data points into accurate routes.

In addition to being a highly technical resource, Russell cultivates and maintains an excellent design ethic. His eye for design coupled with his programming knowledge allows him to skillfully turn raw data into beautiful, yet functional GIS web applications well suited to his clients’ needs. Additionally, Russell has a passion for geospatial analysis of all kinds and is always eager to take on a new challenge.

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