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Three years at Licker Geospatial!!

Analysis-oriented here at LGeo, we've prepared a succinct summary of our operations that should serve as a benchmark for other organizations: Licker Geospatial Consulting Co. …

By the Numbers

Exact Number of years LGeo has been in business: 3

Number of starting staff: 1

Amount of staff added in the past three years: 4

Number of years combined staff Consulting GIS Experience: 32

Number of working days per year where the word "deliverable" is not mentioned: 0

Number of unique clients who have retained LGeo services to-date: 43

Percentage of those clients who repeat or extend business: 71

Number of Invoices sent in 2018: 99

In 2019: 162

Size in square feet of previous LGeo office space: 250

of Current Office Space: 900

Number of office plants: 15

Percentage of plants that are succulents: 47

that are named Count Fernula: 7

Cumulative distance in km staff travel to work each day: 9.4

per LGeo staff: 1.8

Chance that an LGeo staff will walk to work in a given day: 3 in 5

Chance that an LGeo staff will cycle to work: 2 in 5

Amount in yearly emissions (tCO2e) generated from LGeo journey to work: <0.0001

Chance that the word data will be mentioned as part of an LGeo outbound email: 1 in 4

in an inbound email : 1 in 3

Average amount of time in minutes each workday before the word analysis is mentioned: 15

before the word lunch is mentioned: 30

Percentage of daily GIS tasks where at least one processes is automated: 50

where the entire task is automated: 10

Percentage of analysis task processes that require use of the whiteboard: 65

that require an additional coffee: 50

Amount in cups of coffee consumed per day at LGeo: 12

per LGeo staff: 2.4

Estimated number of maps generated by LGeo as part of project work in 2019: 500

Percentage of maps exported in landscape orientation: 80

That are square: 4

Cumulative staff hours per day spent looking at google maps: 2

at the office succulents: <0.1

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