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Hello World!

Hello world and welcome to Licker Geospatial Consulting Co.'s Blog.

On this blog, you will be able to view and interact with a weekly selection of intriguing GIS, plus random posts related to the business side of LGeo. Feel free to share, tweet, email, pin, pass and otherwise disseminate anything I post here. Simply credit myself, Aaron Licker, or my company, LGeo, and everything should be cool. Comments are welcome. Constructive feedback is welcome as well, as I am new to all of this and you folks know much better than myself about how to communicate socially. To whet your appetites, here is a list of some of the blog topics i'll hit in the next 52 weeks. More to come and stay excited!

  • Better mapping the cultural crawl

  • The beard index (hipster businesses, services and urban markings)

  • Optimization of brewery tour routes

  • Density Transects

  • Mapping the effects of moving the hospital

  • Mapping historic streetcar routes and their relation to small scale commercial

  • Machine space calculations

  • Mapping where the worst beer lists are

  • Building permit analysis (i.e. bigger homes or more homes)

  • Transit density analysis based on google transit feed

  • Mapping historic rail lines that are now roads or alleyways

  • Mapping suburban intrusions into the urban fabric (chains versus independents), unique versus homogenized landscapes.

  • Open data monthly – deriving insights from random community’s open data stacks

  • Mapping cultures and sub-cultures

  • Random geography questions - how far do I have to walk to get to a:

    • Bus stop in Mississauga

    • Depaneur in Montreal

    • Donair joint in Halifax

    • BBQ place in Austin

    • Coffee shop in Portland


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