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Hello World!

Geospatial Modeling, GIS Management, Population Accessibility, Energy and Emissions Mode, Cool Analysis

Hello world and welcome to Licker Geospatial Consulting Co.'s Blog.

On this blog, you will be able to view and interact with a weekly selection of intriguing GIS, plus random posts related to the business side of LGeo. Feel free to share, tweet, email, pin, pass and otherwise disseminate anything I post here. Simply credit myself, Aaron Licker, or my company, LGeo, and everything should be cool. Comments are welcome. Constructive feedback is welcome as well, as I am new to all of this and you folks know much better than myself about how to communicate socially. To whet your appetites, here is a list of some of the blog topics i'll hit in the next 52 weeks. More to come and stay excited!

  • Better mapping the cultural crawl

  • The beard index (hipster businesses, services and urban markings)

  • Optimization of brewery tour routes

  • Density Transects

  • Mapping the effects of moving the hospital

  • Mapping historic streetcar routes and their relation to small scale commercial

  • Machine space calculations

  • Mapping where the worst beer lists are

  • Building permit analysis (i.e. bigger homes or more homes)

  • Transit density analysis based on google transit feed

  • Mapping historic rail lines that are now roads or alleyways

  • Mapping suburban intrusions into the urban fabric (chains versus independents), unique versus homogenized landscapes.

  • Open data monthly – deriving insights from random community’s open data stacks

  • Mapping cultures and sub-cultures

  • Random geography questions - how far do I have to walk to get to a:

  • Bus stop in Mississauga

  • Depaneur in Montreal

  • Donair joint in Halifax

  • BBQ place in Austin

  • Coffee shop in Portland


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