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BC's Bill 47 Transit Oriented Areas (TOAs): Where are they, really?

A zoomed out view of the Vancouver and the Lowewr Mainland, showing Provincially designated Transit Oriented Areas in red

Like many working in the urban planning space, we've been frantically doing analysis around Bill 44 and 47. In the midst of this analysis haze, we realized with intense clarity: there is no publicly available dataset that actually shows where BC's Bill 47 Transit Oriented Areas are.

For those who may be less familiar, Bill 47 requires municipalities to designate Transit Oriented Areas (TOAs) near specifically identified transit hubs to permit housing developments that meet minimum height and density standards as set by the Province. These height and density requirements are tiered outwards from the transit station in a buffer style.

So with that, we give you a dataset of all the Transit Oriented Area's in the Province. You can download the dataset here.

We used data from here and here to create this comprehensive dataset. While we are extremely confident in our methods and our outputs, you should always double check your area of interest. Or, get in touch and we'll help you fact check!

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