Insightful Applications of GIS and Geospatial Technology.


Geospatial Consulting Services for Urban Planning and Environmental Services.

GIS Management Consulting for Municipalities, Non-Profits and Consultancies.

Intriguing GIS for Everyday Enjoyment

GIS Application Development for the Betterment of Society

Geomusings Visualizing a Multitude of Geographies.



Geospatial Consulting

Non-traditional GIS consulting focusing on value-added analysis, decision support, spatial modeling and optimization analyses.

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Off-cuts, finished projects, works in progress: a sample and selection of some of LGeo’s work.


GIS Management Consulting

GIS organizational reviews, GIS capacity building and risk management through third party review of complex projects.

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intriguing gis

LGeo's blog highlighting all that is interesting and valuable about Geospatial Analysis and GIS technologies.

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GIS Application Development

LGeo's sandbox for future mobile GIS applications that bring geospatial analysis to the general population.

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