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Renée Proulx

GIS Analyst


About Renée

Renée Proulx has been consulting in the GIS field for four years, developing a passion for innovative solutions and growing our understanding of the spatial environment that surrounds us. Renée graduated with an Advanced Diploma in GIS from BCIT and Bachelor of Arts in Environment and Sustainability from the University of British Columbia, developing a strong technical foundation supporting her career in consulting.

Renee has a wide range of experience, including forestry, municipal, transportation and environmental projects. Renee acted as a GIS lead with numerous governmental, private and First Nation stakeholders, gaining extensive experience with ESRI’s product suite, database management, web mapping and methodology development.

Renée is skilled at translating questions or needs into GIS analytical processes and delivering tailed, client focused results. With extensive experience creating public facing cartographic outputs, Renee has a keen eye for design and is attentive to detail throughout all steps of the process.

Renée's CV can be located here

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