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Use the buttons on the right-hand side to change the base layer and filter the housing types. The pie chart will give you a summary of the new housing data based on the housing type filter and base layer buttons you have pressed. Mouseover each slice of the pie chart for more detailed statistics and an explanation of what they represent. You can also mouseover the squares in the legend to highlight the respective portion of the base layer on the map. In addition, when the neighbourhood layer is selected, you can click on a legend square or pie chart slice to zoom to that neighbourhood.

Data on the unit type was derived from City of Victoria Residential Building Permits. The zoning type layer was created from a review of Victoria’s Zoning Regulation Bylaw documents and subsequent classification based off permitted use as outlined by the documents.

Data Sources:
the City of Victoria: Building Permits
Zoning Bylaw classifications
Official Community Plan Urban Place designations (OCP)

Icons sourced from the Noun Project. Credit:
Llyod Humphreys
Nicole Macdonald

Change Map
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