Translink Data Explorer

This map displays data pertaining to Translink’s 2016 service review. The intent of the map is to show the geographic variation of various service metrics and to stimulate discussions with regards to transit planning.

Use the layers button to switch between different service metrics. A list of routes can be shown using the route buttons, and each route can be clicked on to obtain detailed information in the route summary box. Alternatively, a route segment can be clicked on and an individual route can be selected from the popup.

Data Source: 2016 Transit Service Performance Review

Route and arrival data used in this product or service is provided by permission of TransLink. TransLink assumes no responsibility for the accuracy or currency of the Data used in this product or service.

Icons sourced from the Noun Project. Credit:
Nicole Macdonald
Cody Lawson
Gregor Cresnar
Creative Stall
Navigation layout inspired by Robert H. White




The average cost to Translink for a passenger to make one trip.

Route List

Route Summary