The Company

Licker Geospatial Consulting Co. (LGeo) is an owner-operated start-up consulting and application development business that uses geospatial technology such as Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in support of urban planning work and in innovative ways to improve quality of life in our communities.   Targeting urban planning firms, municipalities and non-profit societies, LGeo is happy to provide value to these organizations and meet their business needs by transforming unusable data into actionable information. 

Accordingly, LGeo has a mission statement to:

Utilize and unlock the value of geospatial technology by transforming spatial data into functional information

  LGeo's Principal: Aaron Licker

LGeo's Principal: Aaron Licker

The reasoning behind LGeo's formation is that high-value applications of GIS such as data-driven decision support (such as: “Where is the best location to place something?”), spatial modeling (“How do things change over time and space?”) and optimization analyses (“What is the most efficient way to deliver a service?”) are not typically sold as outright consulting services; rather they are delivered by end-of-service GIS technicians who, while technically proficient, are often ill-equipped due to lack of consulting acumen to respond directly to their clients’ needs.  

It is the firm belief of LGeo that there exists tremendous market potential to do good GIS consulting. In effect, using GIS and geospatial technology to: solve the hard problems; lend transparency to decision making; manage the risk of massive data; and help people understand the spatial environment that surrounds them.

Thus, LGeo has been formed to fill this gap in consulting service delivery to assist urban planners, land economists, municipal decision makers, non-profits and other organizations that seek to make sense of the tsunami of data that surrounds us and turn it into meaningful and actionable information. 

To accomplish the above task, LGeo's principal, Aaron Licker brings to the table over a decade of solid GIS consulting experience, a relentless enthusiasm for interesting work and a proven track record of delivering GIS projects that create value for his clients.  Aaron is enormously pleased to be able start LGeo, and he welcomes any questions you may have about LGeo's services at

Aaron's CV can be located here

  LGeo's GIS Application Developer: Russell Prentice

LGeo's GIS Application Developer: Russell Prentice

Russell Prentice is a recent graduate from the BCIT Advanced Diploma in GIS Program. Through his previous work, he has undertaken GIS projects in a variety of fields and disciplines, including work with provincial government, non-profit organizations and First Nations. Despite being a highly technical resource, Russell cultivates and maintains an excellent design ethic. His eye for design coupled with his programming knowledge allows him to skillfully turn raw data into beautiful, yet functional GIS web applications well suited to his client’s needs.  Additionally, Russell has a passion for geospatial analysis of all kinds and is always eager to take on a new challenge. Russell is delighted to start his career off as the first employee of LGeo.



Russell's CV can be located here