GIS Management Consulting

LGeo recognizes that even the best geospatial analysis can be diminished through poor management.  Owing to LGeo's highly instructive experience operating as a GIS manager for a successful business unit, LGeo would be pleased to share this experience in order to build up your GIS business, empower your GIS analysts and help manage your technical risk.  The following present a small cross section of LGeo's GIS Management Consulting Services:



Have you wondered how to increase the market presence of GIS within your organization and increase the value of work provided by your analysts and developers?

Are you concerned with the pace of GIS staff development and growth at your organization?

Would you like to more closely align your GIS business processes and strategic investments within your organization?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then a GIS organizational review led by LGeo may be able to uncover what strategies and tactics you need to make your GIS group truly shine in your organization. Interested? contact LGeo today!



LGeo takes tremendous pleasure watching GIS staff grow and develop.  This is due to LGeo's core ethic which seeks for the empowerment of GIS staff to the best job that they can.  To this end, LGeo is pleased to offer training and capacity building services to get your team to the next level.  The following are a sample of what LGeo can offer:

  • Building automation into your workflows through python;
  • Creating frameworks for advanced spatial analysis and spatial statistics;
  • Understanding the importance of data reconcilliation;
  • Transforming GIS techincians into GIS consultants;
  • Business development for GIS professionals; and
  • Understanding and winning proposals

Should any of these appeal to you, then contact Lgeo today!

Third Party Review for Complex ProjectS

Are you part of a small group GIS business unit completing complicated higher-risk desktop geospatial analysis?

Are you occasionally concerned that your outputs and processes may not get the review that they require to mitigate your organization's risk?

Are you using the ArcGIS platform?

If you answered yes to all those questions, then LGeo may be able to help you through a third party review of your complex project!

LGeo will analyse your processes from source data to output figures, and will validate your efforts at every step along the way.

The outcome for you will be lower risk, better outputs and improved processes. Interested? contact LGeo today!