Geospatial Consulting Services

LGeo offers geospatial consulting services to a wide variety of potential clients. If you use spatial data, or are curious about how spatial information can affect your business or organization, then LGeo can help!  While the following are not even close to a complete list of what LGeo can do, the four services areas below are the primary focus of LGeo's geospatial consulting efforts: 



LGeo can provide cost-effective geospatial analysis to provide key support for urban planning or urban analysis projects.

LGeo will produce information to help your clients or citizens understand their urban environments!

This service provides research and key insights to support planning, design and engagement work.  Analyses may include, but not be limited to:  

->Urban analysis and benchmarking,

-> High quality analytical mapping

-> Data mining, synthesis, reconciliation and visualization.   

LGeo is passionate about producing intuitive outputs that respond to the changing needs of your clients or citizens.  if you feel like you need to know a little more about your locality then LGeo is right for you.


LGeo is pleased to provide high-value analytical services to support urban energy and emissions modeling projects and initiatives.  While this service touches on aspects of urban geospatial analysis, LGeo's specializations in this field directly pertain to the quantification, forecast and visualization of urban land use and transportation the resulting expressions of urban energy and emissions.  

If that description didn't make any sense, the English version is: 

LGeo maps and forecasts energy and visualizes the outcomes of policies and actions that affect GHGs in a comprehensible manner

LGeo has been involved in over two dozen unique energy and emissions projects to-date, and would be happy to add LGeo's unique spatial lens to your project. 




LGeo provides a specialist service that meets the need of municipalities, non-profits, transit agencies and retailers to answer a common question:

"to what extent are my services accessibly by the general populace?"

LGeo's experience and expertise in assessing both convenience and service level of services, as well as developing trade areas can be applied to your project to help support program planning, facility location, decision making or trade area assessments.

Typical service offerings for this service include:

-> determining what percent of the population is not able to conveniently access a recycling depot;

-> understanding the ideal locations for electric vehicle charging stations; or

-> identifying key routes for populations at risk to access critical services

Specialized geospatial modeling

What gets LGeo out of bed in the morning, is the thought of conducting some specialized geospatial modeling. 

Specialized geospatial modeling refers to the effort of:

predicting, forecasting or modeling proxies for spatially occurring phenomena.  

Don't worry if you can't understand that, what's comprehensible is LGeo's approach to understanding your business needs and proposing transparent and comprehensible methods for analysis that support your project and deliver value through the systematic effort of transforming data into functional information.

Some of LGeo's service offerings in this area may include, but are not limited to:

-> forecasting population growth;

-> conducting climate risk assessments;

-> using multi-criteria analysis for site selection

-> completing market maturation assessments; and

-> assessing the health of urban ecological networks