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How To Use This App

-Follow the instructions in the "Build Your Own Greenway" box to create your ideal greenway. The sortable boxes determine the weight that each criteria is given.
-On the right, you can turn on layers to show the surfaces that the routing is based on. The blue areas show an area that meets the desired criteria, and the route will attempt to pass through these areas. The brown areas are areas that do not meet the criteria, and the route will attempt to avoid these areas.
-After a route is created, you can look at the cost surface, which is a weighted combination of all five layers based upon the priority order that you chose.
-If you wish to know more about a route, check out the statistics in the bottom right. New residents shows how many people will have direct access to the greenway (within 400m). Each of the scores is weighted from 0-1 and is a measure of how well the specified route meets each of the criteria.
-Click on a table cell to access bar charts which show how your created route stacks up to the total amount of potential routes. If you're curious about the minimum or maximum values of a certain criteria (eg. What route will maximize access to parks? What route will be the shortest?) Simply navigate to that bar chart and click the bar with the max or min value. That route will be automatically highlighted, along with the priority order needed to create the desired result.

Data Sources:
City of Vancouver Open Data Portal
Census Canada 2016

Icons sourced from the Noun Project. Credit:
Llyod Humphreys, Barracuda, Guilherme Furtado,Lyolya

Build Your Own Greenway

Step 1: Choose Your Priorities

Drag and drop the boxes below to create your ideal greenway. The top box will be given the highest priority, whereas the bottom will be the lowest.

Slope: The greenway will avoid hills.
New Bike Routes:The greenway will avoid existing bike routes. Ie. create new bike routes.
Major roads: The greenway will avoid major roads and road crossings.
New Tree Canopy: The greenway will follow roads with less tree canopy. Ie. create new urban canopy.
Parks and greenspace: The greenway will pass close to existing parks and greenspaces.

  • Slope
  • New Bike Routes
  • Major roads
  • New Tree Canopy
  • Parks and greenspace

Step 2: Choose Start and End Points

Choose your greenway direction and start/end points.Reorder your priorities and or start and end points and the route will automatically be adjusted.

Data and Statistics


Greenway Statistics

Click on a statistic description within a table cell to view more information. Scores are normalized from 0-1, with 1 being the best score.

Total Length (km)
New Residents (thousands)
Slope Score
Bike Route Score
Major Road Score
Tree Canopy Score
Parks and Greenspace Score

Bar Chart